Light & Water

City of Barron Electric Utility

Started in 1898

The City of Barron Electric Utility strives to provide customers with dependable power at an affordable price. In 2017 we were the 6th lowest in the state.

We currently have 3 electrical lineman that take care of 7 miles of overhead lines, 21 miles of underground lines, 310 transformers, four substations, one hydro, two dams, hundreds of poles and street lights.

We serve 1814 customers.

City of Barron Water Department

Barron Water Department has a rich tradition of serving the citizens of Barron high quality water at a very reasonable rate. 

 The  Water Department was formed in 1894 and currently employs two certified  operators that are responsible for the day to day operations of the department which consist of over 26 miles of water mains, 600+ valves, 212 hydrants, 4 wells and one tower.

 The average daily usage is approximately 1.5 million gallons.

Reports and Notices:

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